Is Your Website Just Sitting at the Bar Looking Pretty?

engaging-websiteA colleague made this great analogy while doing an initial website audit the other day.

We were looking at this new client’s website, doing some brainstorming on what would bring our client new business, turning this website into a selling machine. The website was full of beautiful photography, showcasing our client’s work, but it wasn’t clear exactly what she was selling. My male colleague said:

“Artists are like that. They like to show their work, and it is beautiful, but it’s like a beautiful girl sitting at a bar. She can’t just sit there. She has to do something.”

(If you read my “He Never Called” post about email marketing, you may be noticing a theme here. I love the analogy of a website courting visitors just like a person looking for a date, mate or spouse.)

His analogy about the girl at the bar threw me a little, since I’m a girl, and a pretty huge feminist.

“Wait, what does she have to do? Have a personality?” I asked, defensively.

“Maybe,” he said. “Maybe she has a great personality. Maybe she’s there to find a husband. Maybe she’s super smart. Maybe she really likes going to concerts. Maybe she’s a hooker. But she has to do something. She can’t just sit there looking pretty.”

This cut through the clutter in my mind. The images on our client’s website were pretty, but what were we doing with this website? Why would someone want my client’s products and services? What was the website visitor supposed to do next?

Back in my single days, I definitely had friends who thought they were so gorgeous that prospective dates and mates at the bar would just flock to them. And flock they did. But often my friends with the more engaging personalities – the ones who knew how to put it out there clearly what they wanted, what they were all about – were the ones who ended up luckier in love.

Using your website as a sales tool, you have the opportunity to create a very clear sales process for your prospective client.

You can present what your ideal buyer would want, and what they’d get for their money. You can start holding their hand through the entire process of working with you early on via the website. This inspires more confidence in the solution you are selling from the very beginning.

Just like the girl at the bar with good looks, a great personality and who knows what she wants, your website can limit your prospective customer’s options to the ones you’re prepared to act on.

  • You can buy her a drink, she’s drinking Jack-and-Coke and she just smiled at you.
  • When you talk to her, you find out a little about her job, where she went to college and maybe what music she’s into.
  • She’s not going home with you tonight, but she’ll give you her number and she’s available next week for coffee.

Create an Engaging Website

Is there anything worse though than meeting someone who drones on and on about themselves? There is an art to letting your prospective customer know what it is you’re all about – while simultaneously talking to them about what they’re all about. Remember, on the web like attracts like! As you begin to engage with your prospective customer, make sure you put the spotlight on the needs you are uniquely qualified to meet.

At MarketIQ, we advise companies

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