Staying in Balance … While Going for Your Dreams

staying-in-balanceYep – that’s me! MarketIQ founder Amanda Jenkins trying out my forearm stand, just about a year ago. I’d come back to my yoga practice after many years away. I’d just discovered Foundations Island Yoga on Kent Island, a warm, fun, caring place to practice, and was so inspired by all of the new things happening in yoga. I still am! For me, yoga has been all about keeping in tune with my body, and keeping my life in balance. It has brought so much to my life, but I had to let it go in order to find it again.

What brought you to this blog today? It could be, things are amazing & you want to take them to the next level. Or, it could be that you’re overwhelmed and exhausted from going way too hard for way too long. Either way, thanks for visiting. I launched this blog back in 2009, but many of my previous posts were recently deleted. (Thanks, GoDaddy). I moped about this for a while, but have decided to take this as an opportunity to start fresh, rediscover my voice and begin again. Sometimes, something has to die so something else can grow!

I believe we were all born with an innate power to create change in our lives, and the lives of others. We’re not broken, and we don’t need fixing. We have the power right inside of us, and the answers to our deepest longings are often staring us right in the face. And here’s some great news: there is only one you! You don’t need to go out and be someone else. Everything you need to achieve what you want is already inside you.

The reason I can say this so confidently is I’ve spent the last 18 years figuring out what it really takes to create a life of meaning through my work. I’ve always wanted to use my talents and creativity to help others, and to feel genuinely connected to myself, the people I love and the world around me. But I’ve often been tripped up by the prevailing wisdom of the day that says I need to pull all-nighters, work myself to death, and achieve certain trappings of success in order to feel successful. Now I see I was running on a hamster wheel, never getting anywhere. Letting go of many of my preconceived notions about business has been the only way I’ve been able to move forward.

Although I cite plenty of scientific studies, the majority of what I write about is based on personal experience. I’ve been a Mom, a wife, a business owner, a consultant and a gratitude practitioner for the past nine years. (My husband has been self-employed for almost 20, and you better believe I’ve picked his brain for best practices!) Along the way we’ve made it through two recessions, one burst bubble, and all sorts of gloom and doom predictions, yet we’ve still kept our businesses profitable and intentionally small.

I’ve never met two of my business partners. We don’t create 5-year plans or sell to Fortune 500 Companies. We don’t use a PR firm. We’re able to share many of our so-called business “secrets” and withstand the competition.

As I move forward, my mission is to create a fabulous life while balancing hard work, common sense and the things that light me up personally. I believe in a world where there’s enough to go around, if we make the right choices. I love encouraging women to celebrate themselves, and to make their own peace of mind and creativity a priority before anything else can happen. I also believe in the power of balancing what you’re “doing” with how you’re “being” in the world. (More to come on that topic!)

I do a ton of yoga and meditation to keep me sane, but I am no sage. I have hard days and I make mistakes. I’m still figuring it out for sure, but I’m a lifelong student and a practitioner of ALL the things I preach. Speaking of preach, I was born to do that, too. I am a preacher’s daughter from New Jersey, an identity I tried to hide for many years. But I now see it as something of a competitive advantage. There truly is no one else out there like me, for better or for worse!

I’m very proud today that I’ve had the honor of working with firms whose entire business is built around communication. I have advised top PR and consulting companies on how to package and sell their products and services online for maximum impact. I’ve worked with scores of small businesses across the country, and I’m proud that I’ve measurably improved the lives of my clients. To top of off, I purposely choose clients whose values align with mine. When I bring on a new one, I have to believe that the more people they serve, the better the world will be. My company also has the opportunity to donate a portion of our proceeds and time to help those less fortunate, and to do volunteer work that makes a real difference for people. Last fall we built a playground!

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t in marketing, and in life. I have these things I keep in my back pocket that keep me going, that I keep going back to, and that work well for my clients. My deepest desire is to share them on an even broader level through this blog so you can do the same.

I’m willing to put money on the fact that you and I both have barely scratched the surface of what we are capable of doing and who we are capable of being. If some area of your life is a hot mess at the moment – IT’S OKAY. Let’s talk about it. When something’s not working in your life and you’re aware enough to face that truth and proactively look for a way to resolve it, you are already on the path to victory. I’m living proof. As long as you stay open and willing enough to listen and learn, you truly can move forward.

Today’s question of the day: in what area of your life do you truly shine? What area is a prime one for reinvention? I would absolutely love to hear from you in the comments.