How to Scale Your Coaching Business

How to scale your coaching business

Have you noticed that as the coaching industry grows, the rates you can charge for your coaching are being driven down? This is causing many coaches to consider working with a larger volume of clients. But if you want to scale your professional coaching business, you’ll have to get super organized, become laser-focused and add coaching tools to think beyond the one-on-one.

The one-on-one model is a difficult way to scale any business. One hour of work equates to however much you charge per client. And beware of thinking of your “rate” as what you charge per hour per client! The behind-the-scenes work you do to stay organized, keep your clients accountable and digest and process everything that was covered in your session … plus marketing and day-to-day operations … eat up your hours fast! When you do the math, it’s hard to know how to juggle it all. On top of that, it seems like anyone can put up a shingle and call themselves a “coach” these days.

Even people with no certifications and no real experience.

As the coaching industry matures and evolves, so must we as coaches.

1. One way to differentiate yourself and your business is to extend beyond the traditional one-on-one coaching model through group coaching, or by coaching intact teams within a larger organization.

This was posted in one of the coaching groups I’m part of on Facebook by someone who was talking about not having to charge high prices to make a good income. She works in volume instead. But she recognizes the need to be laser-focused and organized in order to make this happen.


“I built my entire business starting with a pilot program at $199 x 12 payments. From there my business exploded and within 11 months I had made over $350k. I believe that coaching should be accessible to those starting out and that’s why I have programs at all levels. Even my highest priced Masterminds aren’t crazy, insanely priced like those with other gurus. I believe we should respect each other and be respectful. I have no interest in putting my clients into debt or having them drink the kool aid. Having your own coaching business takes work.”
I did the math. This coach has to work with 147 or so clients per year to make this kind of money. Not all in the same session. But that’s still a ton of volume. Can you imagine how organized she has to be?
It starts now, with those first few clients. Setting up a foundation and a process that works even when you only have 1-2 clients will set you up for success later.

We’re living in a world where anyone can be a coach by simply calling themselves a coach. There are literally no barriers to entry.

This is why you must differentiate yourself. This calls all other coaches into question, and begins to place you in your prospective client’s mind as the only solution to their problem.

1. Technology can be both a differentiator and a business accelerator for your executive coaching business.

If you want to keep up with your tech savvy clients, you have to move away from email, word documents, excel spreadsheets and other random and inconsistent methods of communication and measurement. Your clients will expect more. If they don’t today, they will tomorrow. Busy leaders will demand to be easily onboarded and to have a smooth, consistent process throughout the entire engagement.

You can automate:

  • Your Sales Process. Nurture campaigns and automated email sequences save you so much time, worry and stress! The message you send to someone who never started coaching is very different from how you communicate with your #1 customer.
  • Your Billing Process through tools like PayPal, Quickbooks and These tools can even put your clients into auto-bill programs.
  • Your Coaching Process. It’s in your best interest to automate and move your coaching process online. I don’t mean the conversations themselves. I’m referring to all of the support processes around the coaching conversations. Instead of just receiving “before and after” feedback, you can enable your coachees to receive ongoing feedback. Your client will better understand if he or she is changing, progressing – and see very concretely the value you provide.

Technology creates transparency & ROI for your coaching sessions – and helps you do more of what you love!


After working with me, my clients say they are better able to differentiate themselves to their exact target client. They’re not just shooting in the dark; they’ve used metrics to discover exactly who this client is, and exactly what they can solve for that client. I work with my clients to scale their coaching business so they can reach more people with their message, do more of what they love and make their professional coaching practice a real, sustainable business.

Now, let’s get it done! 

At MarketIQ, we advise companies

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