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Practicing and then teaching yoga as a side-hustle was a big piece of that.

  • Learning to skateboard with her son.
  • Serving customers more deliberately and effectively while working from home.
  • Driving less.
  • Buying less, saving more.
  • Spending even more time outdoors, both in solitude and with friends and colleagues.
  • Educating herself and taking action on social justice issues.
  • Growing and cooking her own food.
  • Deeply researching organizations and people making a difference on the issues she cares about.
  • Looking at the root causes of her aches & pains — and helping friends do the same.
  • Providing consistent, quality online yoga classes for those who wanted to keep their practice at home.
  • Personal & societal values
  • What we truly want to bring to life, in our lives
  • The value of slowing down

This is where Amanda’s book can help.

Photo by Oksana Taran on Unsplash

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