“He Never Called.” (Or, How Email Marketing Can Be a Lot Like Dating)

email-marketing-datingRemember back to the last time you went on a date and enjoyed yourself, but after it was over the other person never called? Has this ever happened to you? Maybe it was a first date. Maybe you were set up, or found them on Match or Tinder. You had fun. You had a great experience, and something in common. You really clicked. But you never heard from them again. Ack!

Ok, maybe this has never happened to you … but when I was single, this definitely happened to me a couple of times. And you know what? It hurts! We had such a great time. I was expecting to hear back from him, waiting for his call. And when he finally did call me months later? I had moved on.

Don’t do this to the past customers and potential future customers who’ve had a great experience with your company and are waiting to hear from you!

Are you just like many of my clients, worried your email or newsletter campaign will bother people?

Or, do you send out email after email with no response at all from your list?

A healthy email list can literally represent thousands of dollars in your pocket.

But just like any relationship, your email list is worthless unless nurtured and cared for.

You might already know this…

  • That’s why you send out a rushed, vague newsletter every month that doesn’t really say much about anything at all.
  • Or, you try to pack everything into a newsletter that you only send once in a blue moon (and you have a sneaking suspicion your Mom is the only person who reads it).

If that’s you, it’s time to stop.

  • It’s no wonder people aren’t opening your emails when they’re spammy and short on the type of content your market actually cares about.
  • People also might not be opening your emails because they know what’s inside: a long laundry list of items nobody could possibly every get through, absorb and retain. (Do this one time and you’ve lost the opportunity to interact via email with many of your customers.)

I know it’s easier not to think about this vital step of the marketing puzzle. Honestly, who has time to have relationships with thousands of people, all of whom need to be engaged and entertained on a regular basis?

As a female entrepreneur and Mom also building my business, I can relate. I know you’re busy!

But the reality is…

  • The moment you capture a new lead, you need to immediately establish clear communication to convert them from a lifeless email address into an avid content customer.

So, how does one breathe life into their relationship with a bunch of email addresses?

You can really burn yourself out here.

The one thing that is proven to convert: strategic, automated nurture sequences.

  • In order to build an open and beneficial relationship with your community, they need to fall in love with you.
  • Once your leads love you, they’ll convert into customers who love your product or service – as long as you continue to nurture them.

But beware: it’s easy to turn a blossoming courtship into a nightmare date. I guarantee we’ve all been on these! You know: where the other person drones on and on about themselves all. Night. Long. So many of my clients are guilty of this, without even realizing it – only because they are such dedicated entrepreneurs, and they really believe in their service.

The problem is, your leads don’t know the jargon of your business. They might not even know what they need yet. Like at the start of any great relationship, you have to start by asking questions, and talking about what they’re into! Yes, just like on a date!

I promise that if you avoid jargon, talking about yourself, and follow these 10 simple rules, your prospective customers will treat that email from you like it came from their own personal Prince (or Princess) Charming. They’ll wait for it each week, be glad when it comes, be hopelessly devoted to your product or service, and buy more from you!

So, here are the 10 rules of email to ensure yours stand out in the Inbox… and don’t end up in the trash!

The subject line:

  • Must relate the the content of the email.
  • Use exciting, provocative language (e.g. the secret to X, the hidden truth about X, the best X for Y).

Trial closes:

  • Include short, reaffirming questions to positively reinforce what you’re saying in the reader’s mind (e.g. annoying, right? OR simple, isn’t it?).
  • (Yup, I find these a little cheesy too … but for some reason in the context of email, they work.)

Be personal:

  • Personalize your email with the contact’s first name.
  • Send the emails from a person, not a generic company name or address.

Get to the point:

    • Keep things short, no longer than 300 words per email.
    • Write clearly and concisely – shorter is better (and easier for the reader to consume).

One thing:

  • Limit your email to one topic, even if you have several to cover.

Encourage action:

  • Use strong, actionable verbs (start, get, work, learn, do).
  • Emotive adjectives pull at your customer’s pain points.

Include P.S. opportunities:

  • A P.S. at the bottom of your email is a great way to sneak in an extra opt-in, like, or opportunity to share the message.
  • This can be a sidebar or side point.
  • These are usually the most clicked part of an email.

Use video:

  • People who have a meaningful experience working or speaking with you are 10x more likely to buy from you. Today, you can come close to accomplishing this through a short video, even something you shoot yourself with your phone!
  • Include an intro video to humanize the email and further build trust and credibility.
  • These don’t need to be professionally shot, but you should speak clearly to your target.
  • Brighton West of Authentic West Films does a great job explaining how to do this here.

Remove objections:

  • If you know your target’s typical objections, deal with them.
  • Offer a money-back or satisfaction guarantee.

Make every part of the email a Call-To-Action (CTA):

  • Give the reader as many opportunities as possible to find out more information about you and your products.
  • Link images to landing pages or blog posts.
  • Add a CTA to your email signature.
  • Hyperlink copy in the body of the email.
  • Include links to your social profiles.

Now, let’s get it done! 



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