Book On My Virtual Nightstand: Dealing with Difficult Customers

MANTRA: we wouldn’t exist without our customers! They are ALWAYS RIGHT! Right??!? We all need the “human touch,” but sometimes our customers seem INSATIABLE. When do we stop bending over backwards for them? Are we setting false expectations with them … a.k.a. setting our companies up for failure? The book “Dealing with Difficult Customers” by Noah[…]

Website Speed KILLING Your Conversions? Here’s How to Fix That.

Holy moly. I see this a lot. A customer comes to me with a brand-spanking new website, or an older one they’re looking to optimize. They’re seeing click-throughs on their email campaigns. Their Google AdWords is getting traction. So why aren’t they seeing any new leads to their Inbox? It’s Your Slow-Ass Website! We’re living[…]