A/B Testing: Online Ad Design

This is the start of the design and messaging of an online ad campaign under development for an IT client. Here the focus was on A/B testing of the ad’s title. This client’s target is IT decision makers at architecture and engineering firms in the U.S. – CIOs, CTOs and Network Engineers facing technology issues within this vertical.

We use the same process to test taglines, call-outs, buttons, photography, colors and even layout to determine where engagement is happening and find ways for improvement.

When the online ad campaign is running, it will auto-default quickly to the best performing and most cost-effective ads. This allows us to create a “baseline” then introduce new Web ads to compete against our top-performing ad designs.

The next step in the process is multivariate testing. This allows us to compare multiple ad design and copy elements simultaneously. This helps is identify which parts of the ad create the most effective combination.

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